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Siena, 22-26 April

Siena, 22-26 April

The studies and urban analyses of architect Mario Tassoni, published in his book "Siena city of the stars", have revealed a close relationship between the urban planning of Siena and constellations, both from a formal and symbolic point of view. We will visit the city with the architect, through tactile experiences in different locations ranging from buildings, baptismal fonts of the various "contrade", churches, oratories, gates and roads that outline an astronomical design, turning Siena into the stone guardian of the laws of the universe. An itinerary through philosophy, history, architecture, astronomy, art and folklore...
and this time we will also spend a day at the spa, and visit the Etruscan museum of Murlo.

Book before April 8. Contribution € 600 per person, meals and accommodation excluded, association registration included. Hotel: € 45 per night per person in a double room.

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