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Naples, 22-25 March

Naples, 22-25 March

We will walk through the heart of Naples, in a maze of alleys overflowing with life, humanity and sounds, where everything is possible. Where, for thousands of years, people from all over the world have walked, settled and began calling this place home. We will visit cammeo and nativity setting workshops, taste limoncello, babà and sfogliatelle, washed down with strong and flavourful Neapolitan coffee. We will climb all the way up to the crater of Vesuvius, and descend into the hollow underground of San Lorenzo and the "Cimitero delle fontanelle". We will also visit Pompeii, to experience the new accessible itineraries. This journey is realized in collaboration with Esplora - Viaggi diffusi.

Book by March 7. Contribution € 550 per person (€ 450 each if travelling with your own accompaniment), meals included, association registration included. Hotel: € 30 per night per person in a double room.

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