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Ireland, 1-8 June

Ireland, 1-8 June

Delving among the sounds, the music, the scents and shapes of this wonderful island, to discover its most experiential and lesser-known sides.

We will step into ancient churches and monasteries, but also in the prisons where those who fought for the independence and freedom of their country were locked up. We will listen to busking musicians on the streets and in pubs, accompanying jigs and reels with a pint of Guinness or a whiskey that we will have tasted in the distillery. We shall also climb on a sailing ship like the many that brought so many Irish migrants to America. We will meet a dedicated Galway luthier, listen to the sounds of Gaelic, discover the wilderness of the Aran islands and visit archaeological sites (Dun Aengus) that will awaken the ancient myths and legends abounding in this land.

Contribution and details to be defined. 

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