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Florence, 27 April-1 May

Florence, 27 April-1 May

Have you ever tasted a lampredotto? Have you ever smelled how perfumes are made and how leather is tanned? Do you know that in Florence there is a tactile path in the Uffizi gallery? We will take you to the cradle of the Renaissance, visiting ancient Florentine homes and hidden corners, full of quirks and anecdotes. And we will also undertake an exciting journey through scientific discoveries and solutions at the Galileo Museum. In short, we really want to put you in touch with this city, its ancient beauties of glorious marbles and its daily life of markets, craftsmen and world-famous culinary specialties.

Book before April 12. Contribution € 610 per person (€ 490 each if you come with your own accompaniment), meals included, accommodation excluded, association registration included. Hotel: € 50 per night per person in a double room.

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