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A journey to the pearl of the Caribbean, discovering - like Columbus - these fairy-tale lands; and, in more recent history, followign in the footsteps of Hemingway, and then of Che, Fidel and maybe Buenavista. To Havana, visiting the sculptures of Plaza Vieja, the famous Bodeguita del Medio, Plaza de Armas, the museum of the revolution, the alleyways, and so much music and rhythm, always, everywhere... but also getting to know the powerful African-American culture and the rituals of the Orisha religion.

We will ride through the sugarcane fields on a horse-drawn carriage to taste their fresh juice, squeezed from the plant itself, and the one fermented into Havana Club rhum. Then the scents of coffee, tobacco, exotic fruit... and to cap off an unforgettable holiday, the beaches and the heavenly waters of the Ocean. .

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