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Accessibility for museums

Accessibility for museums

In order to make a museum accessible, visually impaired people must first of all be allowed to touch everything that is outside a case, and that can be touched without damage. Thin gloves can be used to prevent fingertips on the most delicate exhibits.

Actually, we believe that this approach of tactile proximity is beneficial to the enjoyment not only of the visually impaired, but of anyone.

Secondly, there is the matter of bringing closer what is stuck behind glass, or inside a picture.

This, our association can provide thanks to our collaboration with 3DArcheolab.

We offer:

- 3D replicas in similar materials to the original ones (PLA, wood, metal, plaster);

- relief maps on paper, A3 or A4 size, with two-dimensional reproductions (Minolta-printed);

- braille texts on paper (also on plastic or metal upon request);

- texts in enlarged type;

- qr-code or nfc applications;

- audio descriptions on audio files (CD, mp3 and the like)

In addition to the materials, we will also provide advice on staging to those who ask us a quote, so that the choice and arrangement of the objects will favour exploration.

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