About us

What's La Girobussola?

The gyrocompass (in Italian, "girobussola") is a navigation tool that allows seafarers to find the right direction even in adverse conditions.

So we chose this name for our association which, since October 2013, has set itself the aim of developing concrete accessibility projects through the touristic and cultural itineraries of people with visual impairments, along with the enhancement of a multisensory approach to places and things by those who are sighted.

To date, the association carries out its activity in five different sectors:

- Accessible tourism for the blind and the visually impaired;

- Creation of audio-tactile itineraries in museums;

- Training courses for teachers, support teachers, tour guides and psychologists on the perceptual universe of the blind, problems and solutions related to visual impairment;

- Workshops and school visits for classes with or without blind students;

- Initiatives for multisensory awareness.